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Before we talk about how you can double your sales in Dubai within 24 to 48 hours I have few questions to ask you.

Do you have a professional business website? if you don’t have one than you cannot take advantage of this solution right now. First of all, you must have a professional business website. Read 7 Reason why you must have a professional business website in Dubai 2017

If you do have a professional business website and still not taking any advantage of Google Adwords, then you are missing out potential customers right now looking for your product or services around you but they don’t see your business website in the google search list.

Let me make it simpler, if you need a painter in Dubai to paint your house what would you do? Most of the people search in the google to look for painters, right? I think you will do the same. The same way people look for other services and product they need. If your business is not in top 4 or at least on the first page of google then definitely you are missing potential customer to your competitor right or wrong?  of course, that’s right!!


Now let’s talk how google Adwords works and how you can take advantage to double your sales in Dubai within 24 to 48 hours.

Google Adwords or PPC is a sale boosting paid method of advertising and its works on very simple concept.  Let’s say you need a painter to paint my house, I will take the below steps

  1. I will search on google using this keyword for example “painters in Dubai



  1. Google will show me a list of companies in related to my keyword or search term.
  2. Once I click on any of these links it will lead me to their website or contact page where I can call or order the service online.


Google Adword Placement:

Usually google place around 4 ads above the organic search results and 3 below the organic search result and rest on the right side of the page. The highest bibber will take the top position and more likely to get more clicks. You can earn more how bidding and cost works in google AdWords.


Now how Google AdWords can double your sales in Dubai?

No matter what business you are in, you sell products or you provide professional services, you will find all type of business taking advantage of Google AdWords now a day in Dubai. Let me tell you why google AdWords is sale booster.


Benefits of Google AdWords:

  • Instant Results

One of the best thing about Google AdWords is that its provide instant Return on Investment. Start to go live campaign might takes between 24 to 48hrs. Doesn’t matter your business is old or just started a new business Google AdWords can really help you generate leads, sale online or even help walk in customers. I personally recommend if you want to start a new business start from a Business website and Google AdWords.

  • Highly Targeted

This is what give you a full control who should see your advertisement

  • Location Targeting

Google AdWords allows you to target specific geographic locations. For example, if you want your advertisement to be shown only in Dubai its possible or if you want to be more specific and only want to show your Ad in Dubai Marina with 5km radius that’s 100% in your control. Google AdWords even give you more control about the target location, you can allow people searching about your targeted location, even if they may not physically locate in that particular target location.

  • Language Targeting

Google AdWords allow you to target a specific language. For example, if you want to target only Arabic speakers than you just can set your target language Arabic and make your Ad in Arabic it will only show to the people who use an Arabic operating system.

  • Device Targeting

This is awesome you can set your Google AdWords to target specific device users for example; your product or services are suitable for mobile user only you can target the people who is searching on mobile only. People using desktop or laptop will not see your advertisement mean you can save money.

  • Time

How good is that if you can choose a specific time for your advertisement. For Example, if you want to show your ads only from 12pm to 2pm or 24hours it’s up to you Google AdWords give you a full control.

  • Real Time Reporting

You can check the performance of your Google AdWords campaign on real time basis, simply login to your account and check how many clicks, impressions your ads have got. What type of search terms have trigger your Ads to show. This will help you do the adjustments to your campaign to get best results. You know what is working and what is not working for your ads.

  • Cost Effective

We reckon Google AdWords highly cost effective.  It’s give you full control on your budgeting you can set whatever amount you want to spent per day it can be from 100AED to 10000AED. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your Ad.

  • Better control

Over all Google AdWords you give you better control on your marketing campaign. You can decide how much to spend, who should see your ad, where it should be shown at what time.


Double your Sales in Dubai Today

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