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Quickfit provides latest EMS technology available in the market.

Electric Muscle Stimulation(EMS) induces muscle contraction with the help of electric current. Such contraction is different than the one induced by traditional training controlled by the central nervous system. In the motor neuron (action potential) the stimulus induced by either the nervous system or the electric impulse is the same. Hence, muscle resistance will be similar when stimulated to the same extent.The muscle, in fact, cannot distinguish whether the stimulus was induced by the nervous system or an electric impulse. The nature and intensity of the stimulus depend on the parameters configurated on the device.

To put it simply, the EMS device is able to achieve what the human brain cannot. While the brain is capable of stimulating a big part of the muscle fibers, the EMS device stimulates nearly 100%. This means a much greater synchronization of the fibers. Furthermore, unlike the human brain, an EMS device sends out consequent and quality impulses to the muscles, without overloading the cardiovascular system, or causing psychical fatigue. This leads to better and safer performance growth than in the case of individually pursued traditional training methods.